The winery, designed by Luciano Ercolino for Vinosia and designed by the architect Alessandro Di Blasi in the municipality of Paternopoli is founded on the belief that the wine will remain largely linked to the area of residence, and meets the need to strengthen a relationship between wine culture and global environmental sustainability. This connection, linked to the growing interest for the concept of "terroir", is the central expression - according to Luciano Ercolino - of the relationship between wine and land, so beloved to Veronelli. The winery looks to the territory not only with its structure, carved into the hill, which stands as the final element to the landscape so deeply to seem natural. It also pays equal attention to the older vine varieties, unique places of Irpinia, and accepts the challenge of the new era through instruments that do not disdain the most advanced technologies in the basement, in the field of energy conservation, waste treatment and emissions of CO2 (save 60 tonnes of CO2 per year). All professional craftsmen and employees who care Vinosia, agree with Luciano Ercolino that "for a respectable wine lover, product quality and environment quality are today two inseparable aspects of the quality of life." Vinosia is deeply aware about this and agrees to certify the characteristics of its products and its manufacturing processes, not only to the "insiders" but to all potential customers, knowing how eager to be informed and guaranteed are.