Vinosia by Luciano Ercolino,in order to better distribute their wines, constantly updates the tools related to human sciences and they are necessary to make appropriate offers to the culture of our most refined customers. All collaborators know that they will report the offer of wine with that of complementary products, and they must not only approach to food but also to design and psychology of consumption. The direct comparison with the best competitors and the import of new ideas will be encouragement to keep in constant harmony with the market. The network of agents is a real wealth, because through their witnesses / ambassadors Vinosia by Luciano Ercolino proposes itself as the protagonist of a renewed service to the consumer of wine. Aware that in the future much more information will be required than they have today, Vinosia proposes itself as protagonist of this innovation through men with great imagination and concreteness, qith valuable experience and sober enthusiasm.

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