Land, sun, vine, grapes, hand, wood, glass, eye, mouth, palate, throat. Eleven elements combined with perspicacious experience, allow to satisfy the perfect wish with the perfect pleasure. Between all the foods, nothing is sweeter as drinks. Between all the drinks, only wine is able to celebrate in all his fullness this run of the most human happiness, tightened between the land and the throat. It does not exist just "the wine"; "wines" exists. Every wine has a story: recent or old, straight or sinuous, individual or ensemble. Vinosia by Luciano Ercolino tells the family history that goes back over a hundred years ago and that has seen many generations grow passions in an ancient land: the Irpinia. Here since 1887 an entire farm family has pursued its utopia: a winery spread in the territory and blended with it: producing unsurpassed wines permeated with flavors and aromas, glances and gestures that have always accompanied the slow flow of time in this beautiful and sullen land.

Vinosía by Luciano Ercolino is the sequel seamlessly of the dream of his grandfather Francesco - Class 1887 - to create a unique experience from which today results a conscious safety, a calibrated courage and a renewed creative energy. The wine cellar is finally realized in the heart of Irpinia, surrounded by greenery of the ancient Paternopoli. The vineyards, in the center of the DOC and DOCG designations of the area, have been chosen for the unique vocation of those lands. The producted wines express character and personality and are instantly recognizable. Luciano Ercolino, proud heir of that rural culture and veteran of pioneering and established experiences in the field, gave birth in 2004 to Vinosia, and, in this way, he identifies the values to interpose with their competitors in matter of quality of production, promotion of their own history, their own experience, their own specificity and cultural refinement.